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The firm of Eisenstadt, Krippendorf and Galvin worked with us in a highly professional and attentive manner in tending to our legal needs. They made themselves available at any time to answer questions, give guidance and advice, which gave us comfort that they were extremely focused on the tasks at hand. It’s very reassuring to have a firm you can trust and rely on. I would highly recommend their firm to all our family and friends and will most certainly use them for any legal matters in the future.

- William C.

The team at EKG recently represented us in a case and the entire process from beginning to end was seamless thanks to the team’s knowledge, professionalism, and proactivity. All my family’s questions and concerns were thoroughly answered by the partners and they were always to discuss things in person or via phone. It’s a rarity to find such a hands on and thoughtful team, and not surprisingly we had a successful outcome in our case.

- Nicholas G.

Ed is one of the best criminal defense attorneys in the Boston area. My best friend had recommends Ed Krippendorf as one of the best Criminal defense attorney to represent my case. He was very thorough and at every step, explained everything and was honest about the possible outcomes. Thanks to his excellent legal skills, my case ended with the very best outcome and I can move on with my life. Throughout the entire process, Ed reassured me that he would do everything to resolve my case with the best possible option. If you ever get a criminal case, Ed Krippendorf should be your first call. If I were ever to have a client needing a referral to a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney practicing in the Boston area, I would give Ed Krippendorf a call. Most notably, Ed Krippendorf is well-known in the court yard.

- Massachusetts Client

Our family would like to offer our experience with Attorney Edward Krippendorf, his associates and office staff. We would like to point out that we have no relationship to him or had any knowledge of this attorney prior to our need for one. My review will seem biased because “He is just that good” and we wanted to qualify this review.That being said we faced a serious crisis where an attorney was needed and Mr. Krippendorf fell in to our lap so to say. When you face a crisis of a family member it affects the “whole” family and you feel like you are drowning and no one is throwing you a rope. You question all your decisions and second guess all that you have held true to that point.

We are a family that did not know the police, court or judicial system or have anyone that had an “in” to help us wade through protocol. Attorney Krippendorf proved his worth time and time again with his expertise. He demonstrated compassion to all of our family in every interaction. He listened to us, answered our phone calls immediately or returned them each and every time at his first free moment and at one point was suffering the loss of a family member. He literally cared about us like we were family not just a paid attorney. He gave us direction and was always honest with us to help make us stronger for the fight especially with things we needed to hear. Make no mistake that his client comes first and foremost and his attorney client privilege is priority one. He leaves no stone unturned when looking at the big picture and has a handle on the details that other attorneys might overlook which makes a difference in the outcome. He gives you confidence that you have made the right decision and he is on your side.

Mr. Krippendorf has maintained open dialogue with us even after his services were complete because his integrity shines through. You will find him to be very well spoken, professional at all times, and from observation very well liked and respected. To complete the whole package he has a well trained staff that reflects his high standards. He was always willing to go the extra mile but we came to understand that it is another facet of his integrity that shines through.

We highly recommend Mr. Krippendorf with all of the stars that the universe holds and that we are eternally grateful for his service, expertise and consideration that we were lucky enough to experience.

- Jeanne T.

Last year I was indicted on a number of rather severe charges stemming from incidents that grew from my drug addiction. My experience with Ed Krippendorf would qualify me to say that he is undoubtly one of the reasons why I am able to write this review today. First off, as being new to the whole criminal justice system, Ed did a fantastic job relating to me and my family what was going each time before stepping into the courtroom. It was reassuring to know i had a fully capable lawyer defending my case as the very outcome would determine my foreseeable future. Beyond that, his professionalism and knowledge of practical application in a courtroom were astounding. Its one thing to learn how to navigate a courtroom through a book and with a degree but its entirely another thing to actually live it and produce results in the real world. This combined with the respect of his peers makes for incredibly effective legal representation which is crucial when your very freedom is at stake. With Ed representing me, I was confident i would get the best results under the circumstances I was facing. And the results for me were nothing less than miraculous. Not only was my legal case settled with a most favorable outcome, but I was given a second chance at life. Ed was able to get me the treatment i needed, not the punishment that was warranted and I was able to finally overcome my addiction. God willing, I will stay sober for the rest of my life. I help other people suffering from addiction in the community now as well as being a productive and respected member of society. I can be an asset to my family today and I enjoy life rather than hiding from it. My life is truly incredible today, and Ed played a major part in making it all possible. To think that a year ago the most probable outcome was to spend a long time behind prison bars to now this, I have to thank and give Ed all the credit for giving me a fighting chance. If you need a lawyer, Ed Krippendorfs your man. The results speak for themselves.

- Ricky P.

A big thanks for helping me with my case in Brigthon. When I first got notice for clerk’s hearing, I had no idea where to look to get help in my case. I have never involved myself into anything related to law. I was charged with something which was just a misunderstanding. I am very thankful to EKG to understand my situation very well and convey the same to other party, which helped the case to be dismissed at clerk’s first hearing itself. Thanks EKG !!!

- Andy S.

Sometimes unexpected things happen in life, but the firm of Eisenstadt, Krippendorf, and Galvin LLP is a firm that anyone in need of legal representation should consider seriously. EKG was there for me in excess of a year and half, from start to finish making sure that every aspect of my case was carefully geared to providing me with the just outcome that I deserved, which was to be exonerated of all charges. One of the aspects that I appreciated so much is that for the entire time length to get the case to trial, is that the team took an interest in making sure that I understood that the firm had an investment in my case, and therefore so should I. They also took an interest in restoring the human dignity that is lost when being accused of something unjust throughout the trial. They helped me to prepare, see, and understand the larger legal picture, which was that victory would eventually be ours and that life would return, once we got past that legal obstacle. I can never thank them enough!

- Tony J.

I have seen the attorneys at Eisenstadt, Krippendorf, and Galvin in trial and can honestly say that they are amazing. I am so grateful for all the work they have done for me. Their experience is impressive and the attention they gave to my case was greatly appreciated. I have and will continue to recommend them to friends and family.

- Alanna S.

The attorneys at EKG are knowledgeable, professional, friendly and courteous. We never had any doubt that we were in goods hands with EKG. Our legal matter was handled quickly and with with such care and attentiveness, we felt as if we were their only clients. We will absolutely EKG for all our our future legal needs.

- Sarah S.

I had the pleasure of having Attorney Galvin represent me recently on a jury trial. His preparation and presentation were fantastic and helped tremendously in leading to a favorable outcome. Highly recommended!

- John S.

I thought I was going to lose everything I had until that first court hearing in probate court. The judge immediately agreed with Ed’s arguments and the next week, Joe had the restraining order dismissed. I was seeing my kids again inside two weeks and could not have been any more pleased with their response. They made a very bad situation much easier to deal with.

- K. B.

When we came to you we had no idea what to expect from the court process. We were sure with the drug case he was facing he was facing time in jail. My wife and I were so scared for our son and were just hoping we had a chance of getting him out of jail and home. We could not believe how quickly you were able to get our son out of jail and were even more impressed with how you were able to get the case thrown out. He was lucky to have lawyers like you on his side. Thank you again so much.

- J. & B. L.

My friend was right to send me your way for my case. I never thought anyone could have gotten me out of trouble but you did it.

- J. S.

I could immediately tell the difference between those I had met with and those I was talking to. When I came in I met with Bill and Ed. They reviewed the case with me and explained the legal issues more clearly than any of the other lawyers I had met with. When I eventually met Joe in court I knew that all three of these guys had what it took to defend me. I should not have been surprised when they got the key evidence excluded and the case dismissed. Thank you all so much for your help!!

- R. S.

I knew that I had not done the things that they charged me with but didn’t know how to prove it. I was going to lose my job if the complaint got issued in the clerk’s hearing so it was such a big deal that you kept the police from getting a complaint against me.

- G. J.

They were efficient and professional. My girlfriend would not stop charging me with false charges of assault and restraining order violations. The DA kept trying to hold me without bail but they didn’t let that happen! Thanks!

- D. L.

I recently hired the law firm of Eisenstadt, Krippendorf & Galvin when my son was involved in an altercation at school that got him charged with Assault and Battery of another student. We had to go to a Clerk Magistrate’s Hearing for the event and were extremely concerned what this would do to our son’s future. My family was not familiar with the criminal justice system and we were instantly comforted during our first meeting with Joe and Bill.

They took their time and clearly explained the legal process and what their approach to the case would be. Needless to say, we hired EKG and could not have been more satisfied with their service. They were always there for us whenever we had any questions and never let the day go by without a return phone call. Their professionalism, courtesy and care and effort that they put into their work was outstanding throughout.

We were allowed to sit in on the clerk’s hearing and watch Bill’s masterful skills in person as he picked apart the “victim” and his witnesses. By the end of the hearing, it was clear that the clerk magistrate did not believe that the incident had even happened, and he decided to deny the application for criminal complaint. We could not have been happier with the firm of EKG. Highly recommended!

- L.S.

I got charged with a second offense OUI in the Dorchester Division of the Boston Municipal Court. A friend of mine told me that the attorneys at EKG were the ones to call. In short, it was the best call I ever made. I dealt with Bill Galvin and he fully explained all of my options. I could have taken a plea and had my case treated as a first offense OUI and received my hardship license. In the end, however, I decided to take the case to trial. I felt very comfortable with Bill’s approach to the trial. He and the firm’s investigator spent a lot of hard work on the case - going to the scene and taking video and photographs, interviewing witnesses and prepping me for my testimony. I could not have been more impressed and pleased with Bill’s attention to details and his trial skills. All of his efforts led to a Not Guilty verdict and the return of my license. Thank you very much EKG!

- H.S.

I recently had a Trafficking of Cocaine case in Norfolk Superior Court. I was really scared because of the potential of going to prison. Right from the start, Attorneys Krippendorf & Eisenstadt were upfront and honest with me about my chances of an acceptable plea deal because of my bad record. I understood this and appreciated them not throwing a bunch of BS my way. During this whole ordeal which lasted almost a year, the staff at EKG kept me fully informed about court proceedings, plea offers and the evidence that was being received. They understood my nervousness and always had an open line of communication with me.

After receiving the materials, Attorney Krippendorf sat me down in the EKG Westwood office and explained to me that he believed that the police illegally searched my car and the evidence should be suppressed. Thankfully, we had a motion to suppress hearing and the judge agreed with Attorney Krippendorf that the police conducted and illegal search and seizure. As a result, my case got dismissed and I have the lawyers at Eisenstadt, Krippendorf & Galvin to thank for it. I was constantly treated with respect and professionalism throughout the entire process. I am so glad that I hired EKG to handle my case and would strongly encourage anyone with a criminal case to do the same. Saved my life.

- L.O.