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Money laundering is the method by which illegally obtained money – like money from drug sales – is funneled through a seemingly legitimate business to cover the illicit trail from whence it came. A variety of money laundering schemes exist today due to the technological advances that make it possible.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Standard denominational currencies
  • Securities
  • Wires

In a classic money laundering scheme, “dirty” money is layered into “legitimate” money from an existing business to “clean” and cover up its nefarious and illegal trail.

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Money laundering often carries serious charges at both the state and the federal levels. Since money laundering is also seen as a form of tax evasion, the federal authorities will usually take part in the investigation of such matters. Money laundering charges often carry very serious penalties because they are associated, in many cases, with other crimes, such as organized crime or drug sales and trafficking. Often the indicted person faces charges at both a state and a federal level, including charges of income tax evasion and RICO related charges. If you have been charged with money laundering—you will want an experienced attorney representing you in a court of law to help facilitate the greatest possible outcome to your benefit. White collar crimes are a serious crime that can carry long term prison sentences, something that only an experienced lawyer can help with.

State & Federal Impact of Money Laundering

In many cases of money laundering, both the state and the federal government will bring charges, depending upon the complexity of the scheme. In some instances, criminals have been sentenced to both state and federal time to account for multiple charges.

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