Case Results

  • Case Dismissed
    Forgery, Uttering, Credit Card Fraud, Identity Fraud, Larceny
    The defendant was charged with two counts of Uttering, two counts of Forgery, two counts of Improper Use of a Credit Card, Identity Fraud, two counts of Larceny, and Receiving Stolen Property. Our attorney put forth a motion to dismiss to the court that was allowed.
  • Not Guilty
    Domestic Assault and Battery
    The defendant was charged in the Dedham District Court with domestic assault and battery. The case was tried to a jury. Our attorney presented evidence on behalf of the defendant, aggressively cross-examined the prosecution’s witnesses and successfully argued the case to the jury. After the jury trial, the defendant was found not guilty.
  • Case Dismissed
    Identity Fraud, Criminal Harassment, Witness Intimidation
    Our client was accused of Identity Fraud, Criminal Harassment, and Witness Intimidation in the Marlborough District Court. The case involved computer records and phone records that were subpoenaed to court, along with a number of witnesses from all over the country. We pushed the case to trial and, on the trial date, all charges against the defendant were dismissed.
  • Motion to Suppress allowed. Evidence Suppressed
    Possession of a Firearm, Possession of Ammunition
    Our client was charged with possession of a .38 caliber handgun, and four hollow-point rounds of ammunition in the Boston Municipal Court (BMC). We filed a motion to suppress with the court that was successful. The motion to suppress was allowed.
  • Case Dismissed
    Felony Larceny
    The defendant was accused of Larceny Over $250 in the Stoughton District Court. We were able to negotiate a settlement in which the case was dismissed on court costs.
  • Charges Reduced from Felony to Misdemeanor
    Possession with Intent to Distribute
    The defendant was charged with Possession of a Class B Substance with Intent to Distribute. Our attorney was able to file a motion to dismiss based on the fact that there was insufficient evidence that the defendant had the intent to distribute the class B substance. After a hearing on the motion, the motion to dismiss was allowed and we were able to negotiate a settlement to Possession of a Class B Substance, saving our client from a felony conviction and the increased penalties that come with it.