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Personal Injury

Contingency - No Up Front Fees

Apprehensive about hiring a personal injury attorney?  EKG Law offers a contingency fee contract. What this means is that our legal fees are solely based upon us winning your case and garnering you a favorable settlement, from which our fees are deducted after the fact.

Personal Injury & Accident Lawyers

If we agree to take on your case and represent you—you will only have to pay our legal fees when and if we win your case. We are pleased to offer a free consultation to you, where you will meet with a lawyer and discuss the details of your case to see if we can assist you.

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Personal injury tragically happens to people all of the time, generally when it is least expected.

Very often, these injuries result from vehicular collisions, which can cause serious and debilitating injuries that follow you around for many years afterwards. In some instances of personal injury, a negligent party or entity may be responsible and liable, such as in the case of driver who was cited for hitting your car illegally and injuring you.

At the law firm of Eisenstadt, Krippendorf & Galvin, LLP, we offer a highly experienced Boston personal injury lawyers familiar with the laws in the state of Massachusetts regarding your right to be compensated for injuries that were caused unto you by another negligent person, persons or business.

We invite you to contact us today for your free initial consultation with an experienced Boston personal injury lawyer by calling: (617) 523-3500 right now. Learn your rights and allow us to demonstrate to you how experience and dedication can result in a positive outcome with your legal matters regarding personal injury.

Auto Accidents

Auto AccidentsOne of the most common reasons why people require a personal injury lawyer is due to an injury resulting in a vehicular collision.

According to recent statistics from the U.S. Department of Transportation, a large number of accidents involving injuries occur within 2 miles of your residence, when your guard is down because you feel safer driving in an area that you know. If you have sustained injury as a victim in an auto accident that you were not cited for—there may be certain legal actions that can be taken in civil court. Contact our law firm today to arrange for your free consultation. Call (617) 523-3500 today.

Dog Bites

Personal injuries caused by dog bites are common cases that involve a dog that has either gotten out of the house and yard, roamed and bit a bystander or that bit a person in a home or while out on a walk with the owner. The state views dogs and all animals as property. The owner of the property is liable for any injury it causes to another person. If you have been the victim of a dog bite, contact our law firm today to speak with a personal injury attorney and to learn your legal rights. Call (617) 523-3500 today.

Workplace Accidents

If you have suffered an injury on the job, it can often result in pain and suffering, reduced quality of life and lost time from work.

Certain laws are in place to protect your integrity and livelihood from workplace injuries. Since worker’s compensation is a sophisticated affair—you will want to consider learning more about your options.  There are many personal injury attorneys in Boston,that handle these types of cases, but with EKG Law, you will get the team with experience.  Call today for a free consultation. Call (617) 523-3500 today.

Personal Injury Lawyers for Violent Assaults

Victims of violent assaults have rights. If you have been assaulted by someone that resulted in a serious personal injury, they could be liable for your medical bills, lost time from work and for your pain and suffering. We urge you to contact our offices right away to speak with a Boston personal injury lawyer regarding your case. We will aggressively pursue civil action against the negligent party on your behalf to seek recompense for your injuries. Call (617) 523-3500 today.

Public Accidents and ‘Slip and Falls’

Anterior Cruciate Ligament RuptureAn accident that occurs on public property can result in liability to the public office on which the incident occurred. Injuries that are, for example, caused by an unsafe public area are covered under certain laws. Since the law can be confusing to understand, we urge to you to schedule a free consultation—where a personal injury lawyer with experience will review the details of your case and provide you with veritable legal advice.

The most common place where slip and fall accidents occur are on slick walkways, most often those that have been recently saturated with a lubricant like water (from mopping, for example). A slip and fall accident can result in serious injuries that prevent you from enjoying life and that cost you loss time from work. Contact our law offices to learn more about your rights with a free consultation to review your legal options. Call (617) 523-3500 today.

Defective Products

Makers of defective products can be liable for those products, if the products cause serious injury due to defects or poor workmanship. A good example would be faulty brakes resulting in an auto accident or dangerous prescription drugs that caused a serious illness. Since defective products cases are often rather scrupulous and complex—we invite you to schedule a free consultation to review the details with a Boston personal injury attorney today. Call (617) 523-3500 today.

Other Types of Personal Injuries

Personal injuries are not just limited to the aforementioned; they can be related to any type of accident that was not caused by you but that caused you to suffer injury, pain and suffering and denigrated quality of life due to the negligence of another person or entity.

Since it can be difficult to know what your legal options are from the start, we urge you to schedule a free and no-obligation consultation at our law offices, where you will meet with a Boston personal injury lawyer who will review the details of your incident and provide you with legal advice. Call (617) 523-3500 today.

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Don’t allow a personal injury to denigrate your quality of life and haunt you for years to come. Take action against the negligent parties by learning what legal options that you have with a personal injury lawyer today. We invite you to schedule your free consultation with us where you will meet with an experienced attorney to discuss the all of details surrounding your case. Our fees for personal injury are contingency based, which means that you only pay legal fees when and if we win your case.

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I thought I was going to lose everything I had until that first court hearing in probate court. The judge immediately agreed with Ed’s arguments and the next week, Joe had the restraining order dismissed. I was seeing my kids again inside two weeks and could not have been any more pleased with their response. They made a very bad situation much easier to deal with. K.B.
The firm of Eisenstadt, Krippendorf and Galvin worked with us in a highly professional and attentive manner in tending to our legal needs. They made themselves available at any time to answer questions, give guidance and advice, which gave us comfort that they were extremely focused on the tasks at hand. It’s very reassuring to have a firm you can trust and rely on. William C.
The team at EKG recently represented us in a case and the entire process from beginning to end was seamless thanks to the team’s knowledge, professionalism, and proactivity. All my family’s questions and concerns were thoroughly answered by the partners and they were always to discuss things in person or via phone. It’s a rarity to find such a hands on and thoughtful team, and not surprisingly we had a successful outcome in our case. Nicholas G.
Ed is one of the best criminal defense attorneys in the Boston area. My best friend had recommends Ed Krippendorf as one of the best Criminal defense attorney to represent my case. He was very thorough and at every step, explained everything and was honest about the possible outcomes. Thanks to his excellent legal skills, my case ended with the very best outcome and I can move on with my life. Massachusetts Client
Our family would like to offer our experience with Attorney Edward Krippendorf, his associates and office staff. We would like to point out that we have no relationship to him or had any knowledge of this attorney prior to our need for one. My review will seem biased because “He is just that good” and we wanted to qualify this review.That being said we faced a serious crisis where an attorney was needed and Mr. Krippendorf fell in to our lap so to say. Jeanne T.